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Germany, almost Christmas time:

Two venerable and devoted pharmacists protesting proposed laws that would affect pharmacies all over Germany.
The protest began in a square with speaker addressing a crowd of professionals and students, who coursed through the city streets with police officers protectying them from traffic. Many passers-by stopped to argue loudly their opinions to whomever would listen.
At night, the narrow roads teem with energy under the light of signage. But signs that advertise liquor or clothing or food pale under the marquee moon that slips between every avenue.
Beneath the train stations tile tunnels reflect coloured lights around the length of their four sides giving one the impression of perusing a prism from the inside. (The picture does it no justice.)

Cars and Coffee...

Katrin and her friend, Heike*, standing in front of a SMART to give you a sense of scale. A law was passed recently that forbids these cars to park sideways in-between other cars! *[Heike pronounced HIKE-uh]
I found Bumblebee! New model of course (Gen 2), but same colour. Poor guy's trapped in Neustadt, Germany. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you have not watched enough Transformers cartoons.)
One of my favorite combos: Cafe Latte and Crepes. But in Europe, it's not called a cafe latte. You have to ask for a latte machiatto (which would not look like a latte if you ordered it in N.America). And the German pronunciation of crepe is 'crap'... which is kind of funny.

And on the right we see a smart looking L.M. with a comlimentary pastry. One usually gets a pastry or biscotti cookie with any coffee drink. And even with hot drinks, you are expected to use a straw.

In this picture Katrin is pointing to the part of the engine that she believes is causing the problem. The car would be towed back to Edenkoben.
Here we see on the left, Katrin's car, which has decided not to start. Above is a staircase typical to old European buildings: tight and steep - not to be tried without good lighting and some courage.