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New Zealand - Castle & The Catlins:

Around the Dunedin area are two beautiful areas filled with natural attractions. In one direction, the peninsula contains New Zealand's only 'castle', a bird sanctuary, and dramatic cliffsides. In the other direction, the Catlins contain many wonders within the dense native bush that once covered the whole country.

On the Peninsula... Lanarch Castle

The castle, which is obviously as much a mansion, is surounded by a variety of lavish gardens. One of these gardens even has a treehouse!

A view from the top of the castle turret - these pictures look out to the end of the peninsula.

The tip of the peninsula - Bird and Marine Life Sanctuaries:

The Catlins, a depository of natural amazements:

Sheep crossing, stone sun, Nugget Point, secret falls, sky.
A typical pathway to a beach. And at the end of this one, GIANT CAVES!