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New Zealand - In Dunedin:

Here are a couple angles of the Dunedin pad. It is located in St. Kilda, which is in the southern, beachfront part of town. Below are some pictures of the inside of the house...
To the left, the dinner set in the luxurious living room and above, I am typing this very text. Below is a picture of the tent ground I stayed in before the house was found. And there I am in a cool phone booth.
To the right is the view from the living room. That rainbow's end lands in the beach that you see below. Those waves look OK from the top of the hill, but when you're in them, they tower waaaaay above you. The beach down to the right is St. Clair where I saw a shark warning bell on the shore!

They call a corner store a DAIRY...

This is dairy #2 and #3, homes of the best ice cream ever - 2 HUGE scoops for a dollar! (Dairy #1 is next door to me, but I don't have a picture of it.)
This is THE WAREHOUSE, a Walmart kind of place that sells everything at discount prices with a "money back guarantee!"

Behind me (across from The Warehouse) is the PAK'N SAVE where groceries can be purchased in bulk. :)