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New Zealand - Art Deco & Thermals:

The Native Bush of New Zealand is unbelievably dense and is among the oldest in the world - some as ancient as dinosaurs!!

Blue Garden


It must be New Zealand's natural beauty that inspires hundreds of roadside artisans and thousands of ice cream vendors to produce some of the most inspiring works I have ever seen. ;)


The Thermal Trail is a winding section of the highway whose scenic side roads all lead to geysers, bubbling mud pits, and unstable lands that reek of eggs! :) The pictures around this text were taken in a Maori village set in an area pronounced FEKA-REVA-REVA.
The pictures below were taken at my favourite Thermal site (where I stepped to a crater's edge!).
In real life... the mud pit above would be bubbling and blurping while the colour of the small lake below would an even more vibrant, seemily plugged-in, Scope-like blue.


Art Deco is a style whose popularity peaked in the 1920s. How is that ball suspended there?!
There is a town in New Zealand where all the buildings conform to art deco motif. Street lamps, storefronts, fountains, Fire hydrants, McDonalds? How did this happen? Well, a fire leveled the city IN the 1920's, so when students were called in to help rebuild, they applied the most modern design ideas - to everything! Since then, city building codes enforce the consistent 80 year old idiom.


Last view of the north island: the capitol city of Wellington.

And the first view of the south island.

It was a long ferry ride (over 3 hours) - you cannot see both islands at the same time!

McDonald's Down Under...
To the left, the offspring of McD's and Starbucks - super size lattes. And above, the McMuffin on the right is fortified with numerous enhancers. Lookit the SIZE of it!! IIIIIIIIt's MASSIVE!